• It's not just a question of worrying about what fees are owed or can be saved while selling your house. You need to address a variety of things that can apply to how much work you will need to do on your own, and what your chances of success will be when you can use an agent, or sell yourself without an agent. 

    Scenario 1

    In the last three years, using the sell my house myself method, your company has doubled in size, which is fantastic! And you've found a slowdown in your development over the past six months — or maybe even a slight decline. You want to keep scaling up your company in terms of both size and revenue, but you are not sure how to stimulate and sustain that growth. 

    Solution: You have a lot of duties as the head of your business, so it may be better for you to employ a marketing specialist to work in-house full-time or to hire a professional consultant to handle the marketing tasks you don't have time for. 

    Scenario 2

    After you started your real estate business has expanded rapidly. So far, you've run all the ads on yourself. You've learned a lot about flyer development and social media campaigns, but your marketing skills are still limited. When you had more time, you could learn more skills like copywriting and videography but time is becoming an increasingly important resource.

    Solution: Hiring an agency for real estate marketing would give you a professional team. They will work with you to develop and execute a new marketing plan which will give your brand the boost it needs. 

    Scenario 3

    Your real estate company has seen a fair deal of growth. You and another partner actually manage the ads together. Your marketing activities have been feeling directionless lately, and none of you know what the next move will be. You 're proud of your success and what you've learned so far, so it's time for a more comprehensive marketing strategy to be strategic. 

    Solution: Hiring an agent to sell your real estate will help your business find the right path. You can also select which activities the agency wants to complete for you, so you can better concentrate your time and energy on supporting your clients in the real estate. 

    Visit our blog post on this subject for more advice on how to employ a real estate company. 

    When you are looking to work with a marketing firm, there are some things you would like to know before you recruit a firm. 

    You have come up with a dream for your real estate company. If you want your dream to be fulfilled, then your marketing department will understand and endorse it. The agency that you employ will develop plans that will affect your brand and company, so you want to make sure that they are on the same page as you. 

    You should sit down with your team (regardless of their size) before looking for a marketing agency to discuss which resources the company will benefit from and which skills the team needs help with. When a list of the resources and skills that are most useful to you has been made, search for marketing agencies that are skilled in those areas. 

    This may sound trivial, but it is so important that the culture and values of your sell my house myself privately marketing agency are similar to your own business. You and your agents will spend a lot of time with these advertisers and it helps to have some items in common in order to make this work atmosphere secure. The last thing you want is to recruit an agency that doesn't have the same values as your agents. 

    When innovations grow, and the housing market fluctuates, the real estate landscape is continually evolving. Much as your brand needs to be adaptable to these changing conditions, so you want the same versatility for your marketing firm. Depending on previous ventures, you can assess their versatility and how they've managed developments in their business and others. 

    Look at the past work of the agency after you have discussed with your team which resources and expertise you need from an organization. Will their portfolio demonstrate that they have practiced the necessary skills and services? Actions speak louder than words, so pay careful attention to their artistic production and performance in the past. 

    We also equate finding the right marketing firm to finding the perfect day. When you find that an organization does not meet your expectations or needs, you must cross rough roads before you tell them to follow the trail. But, if they improve the marketing strategies and produce results, the partnership will be productive and happy.

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  • If you’re looking to advertise your property on realestate.com.au privately, you will not be able to do so directly. Realestate.com.au only allows licensed real estate agencies to publish listings to their site. Whilst this site does not have such a relationship itself, by listing your property on For Sale By Owner, you will be able to advertise on realestate.com.au as they are a licensed account holder and will be able to assist in advertising.

    realestate.com.au is Australia’s most popular real estate portal and a must for anyone looking to advertise their property. Whether you are advertising a rental property or are selling, this is the site that is likely to generate the greatest number of enquiries.

    When advertising through the For Sale By Owner Website, you will be able to create and manage your listing on one section of the member’s site. Any information you add here will be published on a range of websites, and any changes you make at any time will flow through automatically. Usually, any changes you make should be visible on all sites within half an hour or so. Different websites may update a little faster or slower, depending on the number of requests they are processing.

    Enquiries sent through on realestate.com.au will be forwarded to you with both an email as well as an SMS alert. Buyers or prospective tenants will be able to easily and quickly get in touch with you and their details will also be passed onto you in real-time. This is the case for all enquiries, 24/7.

    When listing privately on realestate.com.au, it’s important to know that they do have a set of quality control issues that form part of their Acceptable Use Policy. These are in place to ensure uniformity amongst listings as well as providing end-users with the best possible user experience when accessing their website. Examples of this are the fact that contact details cannot be placed within the body of the property description (there are separate and specific fields for this), users must adhere to pricing guidelines that can vary from state to state, etc.

    To help you gain the best possible exposure for the sale or renting any kind of real estate, we advertise your property on domain.com.au as part of the service. The Domain group includes a number of other real estate sites such as Allhomes and CommercialRealestate so we have you covered across the board when it comes to selling and renting residential and commercial property.

    By having such terrific exposure for your property, many property investors as well as mum & dad property owners are having huge success in selling and leasing their properties like never before. Domain is a very big player when it comes to the number of users that access their site daily, making it one of the two largest accessed real estate sites in Australia. It makes for good sense to include domain as part of your marketing strategy, whether you are selling or renting property.

    Domain provides a unique service to private sellers in that unlike REA, anyone can list on their site. So your advert while being amongst the agency listings, will draw the same people that are looking at their adverts, giving you the best possible chance to sell just as well as agents, in fact our statistics show that private sellers not using an agent actually do better, simply by starting with an advert on domain.com.au as well as REA.

    Another added advantage to listing on domain.com.au  when you use the sell my house privately method is that users of the site have so much property information at their fingertips. Domain provides up to information on current real estate trends via its news platform. Gone are the days where only agents got the latest heads up on what is going on in real estate, every day people now have access to the same information as agents just by tapping into the vast amount of real estate news and information.

    When advertising privately on Domain.com.au offers a variety of options of advert types, from a standard listing to keep your advert live until it sells, up to more prominently positioned adverts called upgrades, you can spend as little or as much as is needed by listing on domain as well as in conjunction on REA.

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  • Real estate is a networking industry so it's no surprise that it's a perfect social media match. Marketing on social media will boost your brand, keep your name top of mind, and link you to new customers. Below are a few tips and suggestions you can share with real estate agents about how to build up their social media presence. 

    First things first – don't allow real estate agents to use their personal Facebook accounts to sell their house. A company profile looks more professional and provides the owner with access to valuable features such as competitions and research. Bear this in mind when you sell house privately on realestate com au

    First, it's a reality that on almost any social media site, the visuals work better than text. For that reason, the inclusion of photos with your posts is important. By producing photos that match every site 's specific size requirements, you'll get even better mileage. If that sounds like a lot of work, don't worry — use pre-made templates on social media to ensure that your content is pixel-perfect. 

    Who are real estate agents expected to write about? No-one wants to swipe through a deluge of commercials. Then discuss your clients and their successes. Explore the surrounding area that you are representing, including news and civic activities. Host live Q&A sessions using Facebook Live video tools. Run and sweepstakes competitions to improve interaction. If you follow the rule of 80/20 you will pepper in property listings without obvious spammy. 

    Next, don't forget to take advantage of paid ads on social media. You may set up geo-targeted advertising to share listings of real estate with people in a given region. The same commitment rules apply to ads — compelling material and beautiful visuals. 

    Tired of waiting to search their mailbox or email for real estate prospects? Marketing text messages will provide the fast response you 're looking for, but it takes some preparation and consideration to set it up correctly. 

    Below are a few things to consider when your agents start selling their mobile SMSs. 

    A mix of digital & conventional outreach approaches is used in the best real estate marketing campaigns. By integrating the print & digital marketing strategies into cohesively integrated campaigns it enhances both 's effectiveness. 

    Anything you don't want is that agents waste twice as much time producing two forms of collateral: the things they do for internet marketing (and research realestate.com.au listing fees) and the things they do for print marketing. The more restructuring and streamlining the process of producing content, the better. 

    Set up a template library that includes both print and digital templates for your agents. Those models would suit the needs of both the brand of the agency and the agent: 

    Postcard Real Estate Models 

    Real estate is an outstanding candidate for direct mail marketing because of its local character. Postcards will help agents get into a local area and start developing relationships with the people living there. Compared with email marketing they do have some distinct advantages: 

    Postcards printed are visible and unforgettable compared with emails 

    They don't have to be opened, so receivers can instantly see your message 

    Mail sent to your door feels much more intimate than an e-mail 

    There are several ways to use postcards to sell immovable property: 

    Advertise the value of your Company 

    Announce new real estate listings 

    Invite citizens to party in block or open house 

    Keep in contact with past & present customers ( e.g. greetings to holidays) 

    Check up on arrivals 

    Offer discounts & promotions 

    With all these incentives, you may be concerned about the time you need to spend on making all those postcards. Don't be that. When you include the immovable postcard models to your agents in advance, they will represent themselves in minutes. Try out some of our postcard immovable models for inspiration and ideas — or adapt them to your own. 

    Does direct mail work anyway? 

    U.S. advertisers on average spend $167 on direct mail to sell goods worth $2,095. This reflects a huge return on their investment of 1300 percent and highlights a significant point: direct mail is far from dead and buried. Despite online marketing is easy and efficient, direct marketing is still well worth the cost. 

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  • The introduction of the internet created a massive shift in real estate advertising. It is estimated that the internet now accounts for approximately 95% of buyer enquiries. To achieve the best possible results when selling your property, here are some components of that process that you may want to consider. Each tip may not mean the difference between success and failure, but combined they can really have a significant effect on whether you are ultimately successful in selling your house.

    Create An Action Plan

    The data explosion has now hit real estate and almost everyone has access to the same information today. And how can you make an impression in a competitive marketplace when you advertise a house on realestate.com.au without agent, and stand out? Your listing strategy, it turns out, will make or break your business. 

    Will your agents follow the best practices to build a plan for listing them? If you are able to win more listings, here is a list of 7 strategies to share with them. 

    Engage A Professional Photographer

    Far too many real estate agents still rely on photos of poor quality taken from their mobile phones (or from their clients). It doesn't please online shoppers and makes it seem unprofessional for your company. Hiring a talented photographer is the best way of getting beautiful pictures for your page. 

    Harness The Power Of Video

    Just get going with the video you don't have to be a tech genius. For instance, agents can create slideshows of photographs that function as a virtual home tour. The next move will be to film inside the building. Some ambitious realtors also use drones to capture aerial photographs of the property and its surroundings. Video advertisements on Facebook and YouTube work especially well. 

    Update Regularly

    Getting a social media account is one thing; it is another thing to update it very regularly enough to be successful. The same is true for getting a blog about real estate. Online marketing can create a continuous revenue stream that works 24/7 for your agency ... But first, you have to make an effort to create a library of material. 

    Try Offline Methods As Well

    When selling a home, market flyers, block parties, and open houses to nearby neighbourhoods. This not only will create more interest in the land but when it comes time for them to sell, local homeowners will remember your business. 

    Understand The Property

    Actually understanding the property when you advertise myself on realestate.com.au you want to sell isn't enough. Make sure your agents do their homework about the local area, its advantages and disadvantages, and how the housing market has worked there. The more educated they are, the easier it is to answer questions from clients and win their trust. 

    Use Direct Mail

    Mailing lists are cheaper than ever and, by a long shot, direct mail response rates tend to surpass email. Your agents can use online postcard templates to design custom postcards which include relevant information about the services provided by your agency and the local market. 

    Combine Digital and Hard Copies Of Photos

    Give your clients the best of both worlds. To show them your brand is tech-savvy, agents can share presentations and video on an iPad. Then, to show them your brand is well-established, agents can show them a printed book that covers commonly asked questions and other information.

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  • Whilst it's possible to advertise your house or land on a variety of websites, it is essential that you advertise on realestate.com.au as this is the most popular and biggest real estate portal in Australia. The number of users and the number of inquiries made on this website are far in access of any other real estate website in Australia.

    Until recent years it was only possible to get a property listed on realestate.com.au if this was being marketed through a traditional agent, where the agent would conduct the entire campaign for you, and could thereby also get you listed on realestate.com .au However, most of the time this would involve you having to pay considerable real estate commissions on selling your home.

    Similarly, if you wanted to advertise a rental property on realestate.com.au, this would also have had to go through a traditional agency, and the management of the property after a tenant had been found would also need to go through them.

    Whilst it is still the case that you need to be a licensed agency in order to be a subscribing account holder, it is now possible to get your property listed on realestate.com.au You may want to check out the  price to advertise on realestate.com.au

    Please note that are guidelines to which you need to adhere when you advertise privately on realestate.com.au, and these guidelines apply to all agents equally. This includes not placing links in your property description to other websites etc.

    If you're looking to advertise on domain.com.au this is also possible with any of our packages and both sale and rental listings are possible.

    We advertise your property on domain.com.au as part of our selling and renting packages

    Domain.com.au is one of Australia's leading real estate online portals, being ASX publicly listed as Domain Holdings Australia Limited. It includes sites such as Allhomes and CommercialRealestate to cover your marketing for both residential and commercial sales and rental properties.

    While offering such broad coverage, it is an imperative strategy to include domain.com.au in the marketing of your property, as research shows that there are a considerable number of users that use their site as the only platform to search for property. There are subsequently high numbers of inquiries generated via their site, making them a must-have for your online marketing campaign.

    Private homeowners and landlords have been using domain.com.au to advertise their properties as one-off listings, this is different from REA who only list agency properties. We can now save you a lot in advertising costs by listing your property on both of these significant sites at the same cost it would be to list solely on domain.com.au. This makes using our platform the wisest choice to expose your property these two and many other sites to sell or rent your property.

    You can also fully manage your listing in one sitting, instead of needing to hold multiple accounts with multiple sites, we offer state of the art software where you simply log in once, do your editing when needed, update and log out. Your advert on all of these sites is changed in an instant without the challenge of managing so many online accounts with different sites.

    For Sale By Owner  is a licensed agency and can facilitate the advertising of your house or land (either for sale or for rent). There are no commissions payable when you sell, and you are not tied to any agency after having found a tenant either. FSBO simply provides a selection of services rather than a full range, and in return, the costs for you the consumer are greatly reduced.

    In terms of the cost to advertise on domain.com.au, they allow both sale and rental properties to be advertised and your listing will be live until you sell or lease the property, there are no additional fees involved.

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